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Roundtable is supplemental training, and provides "how to" information as well as helps unit leaders stay "in the know" about current methods and events and upcoming training and activities.  It also gives attendees the opportunity to mingle with other leaders and swap tips and tricks for an easier, more fun 2016-2017 Scouting  year.  

[/pb_text][pb_accordion el_title="Accordion 1" initial_open="1" multi_open="no" filter="no" appearing_animation="0" ][pb_accordion_item heading="JULY 2016 (Camp Wakonda)" ]

Dutch Oven

Camp Cooking Discussions


[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="AUGUST 2016" ]

2017 Program Kick-Off

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="SEPTEMBER 2016" ]

Council Promotion - Camping

Highlight Position - Unit Commissioner


NE/IA State Park - Outdoor Activities

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="OCTOBER 2016" ]


Raptor Recovery

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="NOVEMBER 2016" ]

Investment in Character

Highlight Position - Finance Chair

Youth Protection - In-Residence Training

Winter Camping - Program Ideas

Fire Safety Discussion For Holidays

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="DECEMBER 2016" ]

Highlight Position - Activities Chair

Camping Product Review

Council Promotion

Unit Recognition Overview

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="JANUARY 2017" ]

Highlight Position - Camping Chair

WEBELOS Transition 

High Adventure Activities

District Recognition Overview

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="FEBRUARY 2017" ]

Highlight Position - District Commissioner & Membership Chair


Backpack Cooking

Scouting For Food Overview

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="MARCH 2017 (Joint Roundtable)" ]

IOS Presentation

Scouting Skills for First Class

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="APRIL 2017" ]

highlight Position - Roundtable Positions

Eagle Scout A-Z

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="MAY 2017" ]

Highlight Position - Training Chair

Hazards of Weather

Protection from Weather


[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="JUNE 2017" ]

Water Sports (Cub Scout Rountable)

[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="JULY 2017 (Camp Wakonda)" ]

Cooking Demonstration for Cub Leaders 

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